Jul 22, 2011

Wrapped Filming FIrst Episode Of A New TV Series: Just Serve

FACT: Seattle, Washington Is One Of My New Favorite Places.

I've been in Seattle, Washington for the past week filming the first episode of a new tv show called Just Serve.  The premiss is three strangers come together and provide random acts of service for more strangers.  I'm not sure how much I can disclose of the episode at this point so I'll leave you wondering and wanting more.  Stay tuned, expected air date is October.

I've been working with Tim Irwin, Ethan Vincent, Adam Able of GoFilms, Nathan Lee, Erich Cannon and Kristi Schimek.  A super stellar crew and I love each of their faces with all my heart.  Ethan, sadly, is moving his family to Vienna, Austria in August so this will be the last project with him for the next few months until he gets them all settled.  I will most definitely be going to visit.  That city enchants me.

We've been shooting on three AF100s with a  mix of Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Lumix and ... what other lens do you have Tim?  Ethan has been shooting on Extreme II (or something like that) SD cards with a bit rate of 48/sec - ish.  Tim and I have Panasonic Gold at 22/sec.  We've found out that the faster bit rate increases card format time by A LOT.  We're talking 5 seconds vs. 50+ seconds.  Even though the AF100 doesn't need that kind of speed when shooting, it sure pays off on the post side.  I'll need to run tests and see if they faster bit rate cards actually offload footy faster too.

I'm now at the Sea Tac Airport waiting to fly to Portland, Oregon for some NASCAR filming with Patrick Wier until monday afternoon.  Then fly home, wash clothes and fly to California wednesday for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.  I leave straight from there to North Carolina on a redeye to film the second episode of Just Serve.  ...a little busy, but it's great.

Thanks for the awesome week everyone.  See you all in NC.

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lisa sargeant said...

Hey Todd, happy you liked being in Seattle pleasure to work with you! thanks for the parting gift (a million bites from the mosquito pit) looking a bit like i have the plague! Seriously thanks for taking care of me
Good luck with the next episode and all in between.
Stellar team you are on. Multi talented guy you are.
Keep in touch.