Jul 18, 2012

C-130, Navy SEALs, BMX Champ, CrossFit Winner, MMA Fighter... Oh MY.


With yet another successful ESPN commercial campaign for Rogue Fitness in the bag its nice to sit back for a second and look at the work we've done and the successes we've had.  I can't say enough at how much we love and appreciate working with this amazing company and everyone in it.  Bill, Caity, Kris, Alana, Matt... Everyone!  Even Bella the dog!

We started writing the spots in November of 2011 and filmed them between March and April, finishing all the post production work in April to June.

Locations were wide and far, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Arizona...and I feel like I'm forgetting one or two.  The spots ranged from the R You Rogue campaign to a Snatch inspired intro.  Different styles for different tastes.

Talent ranged from Rich Froning, a two time CrossFit Games champion, Rob Darden, an X Games medal winner, Andy Stumpf, a US Navy SEAL and more.  One thing I loved about this project is the talent weren't a bunch of actors, rather, real, ordinary people that have done extraordinary things.  I should also mention and thank Steve, another SEAL, who jumped with cameras for in-air footage.

Equipment included Panasonic AF100, RED EPIC and RED ONE, all with a wide assortment of glass.  A Canon 7D, up to 9 GoPro units and lots of computers and hard drives.  We were able to work with the master himself, Emmy Award winning Sam Cardon, and have him score some really wonderful pieces for the commercials.  We temped a score right in his office then he wrangled up a few other amazing musicians and he made magic. One of my favorite scores is on the 130 second Andy Stumpf - R You Rogue

The C-130 was fun to shoot in.  We faced some challenges like rotar vibrations, DC power loss and a little turbulence but we were able to push through all of them and get a really solid shoot.

A big thanks to all who worked on this campaign with us.  It has been a complete success.  Thanks to Nate Gunn and Lynden Williams, the best employees Sansom Media has to offer.

Below are two playlists to the newest commercials, portraits and product sizzles from the 2012 CrossFit Games Campaign.  And there's also a few behind the scenes pics from the shoots.

R You Rogue - Andy Stumpf // 30 second
R You Rouge - Andy Stumpf Extended Cut // 130 second
R You Rogue - Rich Froning // 30 second
R You Rogue - Rob Darden // 30 second
R You Rogue - Chris Farrington // 30 second
From The Beginning // 60 second
We R Rogue // 30 second
The Rogue Way // 30 second
The Rogue Way Extended Cut // 90 second
Rogue vs The Others // 30 second

Rich Froning
Rob Darden

Big Bob
Double Banger
Med Ball Chute
228' Pull Up Infinity Rig

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