Jul 5, 2011

Drop The Gun! Or I Shoot The Car.

Didn't have anything to do with this one but a great commercial.  Really funny.  I was waiting for the thief to ditch his loot and pick up car and take the car but I was wrong.

Had I directed this one it would have been more...epic (for lack of a better word).  Police cars of all makes, Dodge, Chrysler, Acura, BMW.  arriving to a high value robbery, bank, fine art and when the cars arrive the drives all pull weapons as a girl rolls up, parks and gets out in the middle of the looming firefight.  Then the phrase, "drop the guns! or i shoot the car." and give more emphasis on the respect for the superior car.

...but that's just me.  Its still a fun little spot with a nice kicker at the end.

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Texas said...

I agree with your comment about making it more epic. I got what you meant after I watched it.