Nov 14, 2011

Back From Ohio But Not To Reality

We were in Ohio last week filming with Rogue Fitness (subscribe to their YouTube) and it was a great shoot.  Among things we shot were a how-to of sort on building a garage gym, some demos of new equipment and some random, goofy things with Mikko.  Mikko is funny and just a great guy.  Everyone else is terrific too.  Rogue had Tony Blauer come in and give his seminar on how to Be Your Own Bodyguard.  Some great stuff and helpful for real world applications.  He teaches you how to harness your natural tendency to flinch as a fast and powerful defense tool.  Cool stuff.  Nice work Tony.

The footage is back in the office and we're processing it now and as we transcode it we're putting it on a new Promise Technology 12TB Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID.  We picked it up to test out a basic network sharing solution.  Several of our clients have several TBs (terabytes) of footage that we are always accessing from several drives.  The RAID solution is a way to have all the footage online, with enterprise speeds and data protection.  If this works well, we'll probably move to a larger 32TB RAID, depending on a few things, one being future Sonnet Thunderbolt peripherals, among other brands.

With a gigabit switch, we can hardwire each editing bay to each other and we can pull one or two streams of footage to each.  This is perfect for assistant editors to pull clips, prep sequences, and process footy while the editor works on that, or a different project off of the same RAID.  Not as robust as a Fiber or 10Gigabit Ethernet solution but certainly a stepping stone and great for trials.  Once we move on from this  to a larger, more robust system we can repurpose the Pegasus as a back up for RAW footage with its lightning fast (sorry for the lame pun) transfer speeds and larger capacity.

We're shooting with Southern Virginia University this week while we work through some edits for a few other clients.  I'm bring Tim along to film with me while Nate manages the editors here at base camp.

As we part I wanted to leave you with something to make your day a little brighter, a remixed song from Coldplay's new album, Mylo Xyloto -- UFO.


WHIT said...

Will you build me one of those garage gyms?

Todd Sansom said...

Sure as fire will!