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May 17, 2011

Rogue Fitness Commercial Shoot - Columbus, Ohio

I've brought Tim Irwin with me on a commercial shoot for Rogue Fitness this week and while making our way here we stopped off in an airport and while changing planes we encountered this.  Pop quiz… What is this and where is it?

Day 2 here the beautiful capitol city of Ohio -- Columbus -- if you haven't freshened up on your geography lately.  The last time I was here was during The Arnold Classic a few months back and the weather is pretty much the same, cold, windy and wet.  Although it is now 40 degrees and not 19 so there is green on the trees.

We're shooting with two Panasonic AF100s and a mix of Lumix, Nikon, Sigma and Pentax lenses.  We also have a small slider dolly that has been fun to use a bit too.  Mostly, however, we're sticking to our guns -- handheld and sticks.  Today consisted of welding, drilling, cutting, scraping, grinding, pressing...a lot of 'ings.  The commercials are gonna be great and the concepts are pretty solid but quite simple, just the way we like it.  I've been going overboard lately and complicating a lot of things when in the end we need a solid storyline and stellar footage.  Luckily we have five more day of just that!

We have a 4 card SDHC offloading solution for now (this post talks about the problem).  It works well -- we just offloaded 4 16GB shot cards to redundant drives at once (see the picture below) and had no problems.  It just isn't as clean as the cube with four slots.  It consists of a Belkin USB four port hub, two Lexar Professional compactflash/SD card readers, a SanDisk reader and the MacBook Pro SDXC card slot.  To offload the footage we're using the trusty ShotPut Pro application.  Love, love love it!  And checking all offloaded footage in Final Cut Pro (soon to be Final Cut Pro X -- AND we'll be able to edit in the native codec rather than transcode everything)!

Mar 27, 2011

Panasonic AG AF100 Workflow

Let me preface this post with a short scenario.  You're filming with your Panasonic AG AF100 -- or maybe even two -- for the last 12 hours.  It's now the end of the day and the last thing you want to do is go to your hotel room and offload a mano's (spanish) worth of cards.  Normally you would sit down with your laptop, hook up your two bus powered drives, launch ShotPut Pro and feed in one card at a time.  Fastforward several hours and come 2am you're done.

Well my hero, Tim Irwin, asked me the other day if I knew of any multi-slot card reader for SDHC/SCXC cards and I said, I just so happen to.  But I've been so busy I haven't done much research on them.  They're made by a Chinese comapny called Elecom.  And they make various version of them.  Some with two SDHC slots and a few USB slots and the one we like -- what I call the SDCube (Elecom MR-C27 SD Card Reader) -- with four slots.  It comes in black and white and has six sides, hence the cube.

I sent Tim the link I had and he has since found a website, Geek Stuff 4 U, that distributes them AND the site is in english.  The SDCube runs for 3,980 yen, about $50.

We've both got one on order and will let you know how it works.  Tim is taking one to Australia this week and will put it though the paces.  Ideally, you hook up your SDCube, load your 4 shot SDHC cards, and tell ShotPut Pro to copy the four cards to the two drives and then you fall asleep while it does all the work.  We'll see if it really works that good.

Elecom makes a bunch of other cool little card readers that may better suit your needs.  Check 'em out.

Information Sheet

  • MAKER/MODEL -- Elecom/MR-C27 SD Card Reader
  • INTERFACE -- USB2.0/1.1
  • POWER SUPPLY -- USB Powered
  • TRANSFER RATE -- 480Mbps
  • DIMENSIONS -- 36.0 x 36.0 x 38.5mm