Aug 2, 2011

Rogue Fitness Commercials Have Debuted...On ESPN3

The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games have come and gone and so has the debut of our 7 commercials we created for Rogue Fitness.  They've been a great client and we absolutely love working with them.  Above is a playlist for the 7 spots.  I was surprised to hear they ended up airing on ESPN3 during the live broadcast of the games.  There are a lot of different flavors so I'm curious which one you like best and why?  They were a blast to do, from writing, filming/directing and editing.

For the techy people reading, we shot it with two Panasonic AG AF100 cameras.  If you want to know more than that just ask.  Tim was great to work with and I'm glad he wanted to be a part.  I'm looking forward to some more.

It's been a few busy weeks and they've been a lot of fun.  It started with Seattle, then Oregon, California and now in North Carolina.

Seattle - Just Serve - Episode 1
Oregon - NASCAR Doc - Chasing Spencer
California - 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games
North Carolina - Just Serve - Episode 2

The crew has changed on this second episode.  Tim and Ethan are both doing other work.  Rhett and Burke Lewis are on the crew in their stead.  Early mornings, long days and short nights need to be offset by a long night.  That's my cue to head to bed.


Manahi said...

Cool stuff, Todd. You guys do great work.


ian said...

nice work this week todd! hopefully next year we can get some more WODing in. or just bail out and eat more tacos. what was that lens you told me about? hit me up at ian@roguefitness

Dan Semmler said...

Hey I like your commercials but I was curious if you had a link to the other commercials that were shown during the games that just promoted crossfit. I really like a few of those and wanted to share them with some people.

Todd Sansom said...

Thanks Dan. Sadly I don't and I'm not sure where they're residing. Haven't seen them since they aired at the games.

Todd Sansom said...

Thanks Manahi. We like to do our best. Glad you like it.

WHIT said...

Did you do that rotation around the inifinity rig (?) at the end of the last commercial? That was real nice