Jun 21, 2011

Apple's Final Cut Pro X - RELEASED TODAY

Final Cut Pro X images courtesy Apple Inc.
Final Cut Pro X released this morning and it's so exciting and yet so never racking.  I want to jump up and down for joy and stand on guard, nervous to let it into my life.  So many confused feelings.  Not everyone gets to be Larry Jordan and use if for two months before the rest of us coach class-less professionals.  He says he loves it, wishes it had some features that are forthcoming, but loves it nonetheless.

"Finally!  Apple released Final Cut Pro X (and new versions of Motion and Compressor) this morning at 5:30 AM.  I've been working with the program for the last two months, and talking extensively with Apple about this new version since February.

Final Cut Pro X represents a complete rewrite of the entire application.
* Background processing of just about everything.
* 64-bit memory support so project size no longer crashes into RAM memory
*Multi-processor support so everything is a LOT!! faster
* A totally new interface
* Amazing new features like the magnetic timeline, connected clips, and built-in color correction."
You can buy Final Cut Pro X on Apple's App Store for $300.  Motion 5 and Compressor are both available for $50 each.  You're $400 all in.

So a few things to look for when moving over to the new Final Cut Pro X; given that this is a total rewrite of the software there is always the chance that something could go terribly wrong.  I'd run a few test with the program and some FCP project files.  Make back up copies of your projects in the FCP 7 friendly format because most likely once you convert them to FCPX you won't be able to revert back.

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Compressor and Motion 5 freeze frames below.

Compressor images courtesy Apple Inc.

Motion 5 images courtesy Apple Inc.

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