Mar 19, 2011

A Quick Flight to Christchurch For The Week

We've been working hard here in Auckland and Bay of Islands -- despite what you might think -- and are now at the airport heading down to Christchurch and Wellington for the week.  We'll be filming with a few awesome people, one a a former Tall Blacks player, Poaora is his name.  Should be a good time.  I'm curious to see what the situation is like on the ground in and around Christchurch having suffered the quake recently.

The dairy farmer, Butch and rugby legend, Brian have been great to work with. Their families are awesome and just the nicest people ever.  We're now sitting at gate 31 in the Auckland airport waiting for the flight and while I've been typing this I received an email with the image above.  People are always watching you.

...more to come.

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