Mar 18, 2011

New Zealand - Day 6ish // I'm losing track

Loud thunder rolling into Bay of Islands tonight.  You can see the flashing of lightning off to the east.  The ocean sturs.

We've had some awesome days.  Yesterday we drove north with a few cameras rolling; a GoPro stuck to the outside window of the van, a 5D MkII and a 7D.  Manahi brought his pocket dolly and got some great shots.  Brian Going and I jumped into the water and we shot some stuff there with the GoPro.  Something happened to Manahi's GoPro and it records really bad, pixelate images.  Like a satellite without the proper signal.  I think his camera is bogus.

Today we were with a mom and her three boys.  They were super fun to work with and really cute.  We filmed her getting the kids ready at 6:30 am and follow here until she dropped them off at school.  Then we met up with her at her clinic, she's a doctor.  and she's mega cool.

The ice cream and fish 'n chips we ate along the way were really good too.  We still have Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and a few others to go to.  In the meantime, I'm about to fall asleep.  Here are some pictures.

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Liz said...

I'm amazed with how much NZ resembles Lingling. If you just add a little smog, rain clouds mixed in with the smog, take away most of the green, add some pollution in the water, and they will be identical!