Mar 20, 2011

Rock A By Baby in Your Hotel Bed

...a 5.1M earthquake will jostle your head.  Just laying in my bed here in Christchurch, trying to get some rest for an early day tomorrow when along comes a 5.1M earthquake to shake things up a bit.

Just another day at the office...

New Zealand Earthquake Report - Mar 20 2011 at 9:47 pm (NZDT)
Magnitude 5.1, Sunday, March 20 2011 at 9:47 pm (NZDT), 10 km east of Christchurch.

Quake Maps

The Earthquake Location Map shows the earthquake's location and the surrounding region. The Isoseismal Map shows contours, derived from a model, of equal MMI shaking intensity for the earthquake. The Seismicity Map shows the current earthquake (indicated by a star) in the context of ten years of 'shallow' (less than 40 km) seismicity.

Earthquake Location Map

Local earthquake location map.

Isoseismal Map

Earthquake isoseismal map.


Liz said...

If only we would've talked for just a little bit longer. I could've been part of the earthquake! Dang.

Drew said...

Wow - we are so close, because I totally knew that you were literally as far away from Utah as possible. Let me know when you're back and we can catch up.

Beckstrom Bunch said...

I have the coolest brother...and I'm just a LITTLE jealous of all your travels (okay, completely jealous). Be safe and see you in a few...weeks that is!