Mar 16, 2011

New Zealand - Day 3 // Sweet as...

Day 3 on the ground here in New Zealand.  It has been really great so far.  A have to keep reminding myself that I'm working, and that still doesn't do it.  The two portraits we've shot so far have been fantastic. Butch, a dairy farmer and Bill, a former Maori All-blacks rugby superstar.  Both super cool.

I won't divulge too much of what we do so as not to spoil the final piece but I will say I reeled in a fish and then we smoked them and and made fish 'n chips among other stuff.  The snapper was the best fish I've ever had -- sorry mom and dad.  And yesterday: cow milking, sheep sheering and more.

We're shooting on two Canon 5D MarkII's and a 7D.  Good cameras.  Reliable and really nice colors.  Some of you know I'd prefer shooting on the AF100 but the Canon is tried and tested.  A really good camera.  We are doing our standard of offloading the footage to two 1TB Lacie Rugged hard drives.  I keep them in a Pelican 1050 or is it 1040, case that isn't water proof but crush proof and fairly water tight.

Kurt Dahl, Matt Whitaker, Manahi Taber-Kewene, Mike Ramirez and myself are the crew and things have been really smooth and gelled quite well.  Look forward to the next two weeks.  More to come.


The Bells said...

Ugh, I am SOOOOO jealous of you right now. I hate you. In the good kind of way though, ya know? :) Whatever. I bet that fish just got scared and JUMPED into your hand when he read your "CROSSFIT ARNOLD CLASSIC" t-shirt.
Glad you are enjoying it over there, down there, oy, yeah.

Morgan said...

your life is crazy amazing

Todd Sansom said...

sweet as mates. sweet as. i'm super luck and blessed. every projects a life-changer and this one is no exception. although the 5 am days to 10 pm days do wear you out. ... still worth it.

and don't knock the arnold shirt, it was free from my shoot last week. ;-) I have a girl's version for the highest bidder. OR the person that makes we feel the coolest. ;-)