Sep 9, 2007


This entry is dedicated to Luke and Jack. The grandma taped the two grandpas falling a dead aspen in the front yard. Without further adieu, here's the video.

Also, I'm going to pick up my hero Tim Irwin (contributor on Ranch Exit Blog)today. He and I are going to Elko, Nevada to film a mine rescue training. We'll be there until Wednesday, then head back to Salt Lake and shoot Thursday and Friday in Park City.


Beckstrom Bunch said...

Thanks for the film's Luke's message to the grandpa's:

"I love that tree you cut down. I hope you have a glad drive. Are you going to go to Disneyland on Tuesday? I want to tell you I can go on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Thunder Mountain. Love you Grandpa Jeff and Grandpa Mike. And Grandma Sue and Grandma Camille."

Love, Luke

Mr Sansom said...

precious. haha glad i could help.