Sep 7, 2007

Another day at BYU

I finally got home and went to bed at 2 am only to wake up four hours later to go back to Combat Films to finish the DVD authoring. I finished at 8:20 and by 8:40 had picked up Maren and was on my way to BYU for our shoot today.

Cory did the interviewing, I handled the shooting and Maren gave us moral support. There really wasn't anything for her to do so she helped pack the gear after each interview. She also went to the bookstore and picked up a pair of spare 9 volts for the wireless mic.

Dodge has the camera gear with him in London so I had to rent a light kit (rifa 750 watt) and camera (Sony V1U) from TV Specialists. They didn't have 16x9's .75 wide angle lens in so we did without.

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