Sep 6, 2007


it is 9 pm and i'm still at Combat Films still editing. I've been here since 8 this morning. my butt is sore and i think i can say, i'm burnt out. now its just a waiting game. me waiting for the machine to compress the rough cut. I'm guessing 2 - 3 hours. once that's done, author the dvd, 6 of them, and pack them with the camera gear for tomorrow's shoot in provo. *note to self: TODD, DON'T FORGET YOUR TRIPOD!

I think i'm going to go kick it with Streiff for a few hours, he's in town. So is Reina. Dodge left to london and scottland to shoot the last of some interviews and get some b-roll. i wanted to go, was going to go, but i have a shoot scheduled with a new client, Barrick Gold, from the sept 10-15. reina came in town to help out with the kids while dodge is gone.

ok, two more photos of the NYC/D.C. shoot. The one with me is just after a shoot on Park Ave. NY has amazing visual lines.

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