Aug 22, 2007

Live From New York...!

I forgot my cable to upload my pictures from my camera to my computer so there are not pictures to join this post. I'm in the Hudson Hotel in New York tonight. The rooms are tiny and ridiculously expensive. I'd say it is 9x11 with a small bathroom attached. One night, $360 dollars, normally $500+. We just came from D.C. and our room was a little over $100 dollars. Quite the difference.

We're on a week shoot in D.C. and NYC. In D.C. we were filming interviews with ambassadors. It was pretty fun. I enjoyed meeting people from so many different places. We started with Indonesia and over the next two days visited 7 other ambassadors including Slovakia, Kuwait, Panama, China and Korea. They were all very nice and I'd have to say, if I had favorites, Slovakia and Kuwait were my two favorites.

We did one more interview on Wednesday morning, today, and then went to Union Station and took a high-speed train to Penn Station in New York. When we arrived at NYC we took a cab to the hotel, checked in and then took another cab to the Bronx for an interview. The girl was very friendly and unfortunately I don't recall her name. She was the Congo I believe and came here with her parents when she was 12. Anyway, it was a good interview. We shot it on the street making it quite noisy. The only bad part was that the subway would pass by (underneath us) so we would have to stop, back up a little and then restart. The ventilation was right next to us and the ground shook a little. The weather here is not at all normal as it is usually very hot and very humid. It is currently...64 with a high of only 68. Very unusual.

I plan on getting a SD card reader to upload my photos tomorrow, so look for some in the next day or two. In the meantime, let me describe the interview this morning. It was on the 9th story (maybe) of a building in downtown D.C. We did it out on a balcony and a main road was in the background going away from us. Hard to describe, and I'm tired so I'm not trying very hard. But either way, it was a good looking interview. I had to hold a bounce above my head for 15 mins straight as we need some light to fill the front right side of his face.

It is now 12:30am, I have just returned from a movie with Dodge and Cory. I don't remember what we saw, but whatever it was, don't see it. It was stupid. If it were anymore stupid it'd have been funny, but it wasn't. And with that, I'm out!


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Beckstrom Bunch said...

Sounds like you had some great interviews Todd...I can't wait to see the pictures!