Aug 27, 2007

Ambassador with personality

We interviewed the Ambassador of Slovakia while in D.C. and after the interview Pete, Cory and I went with him to lunch. We ate at a little Italian restauraunt and I had the BEST lasagna of my life! No offense mom.

After words we jumped back in the ambassador's car and I proceeded to make a little video blog for Missy, the ambassador joined in.

The rest of the day went well and we finished the day with the Korean ambassador.


Beckstrom Bunch said...

Are you trying to out-do my video blog? My child may not be an ambassador but could your ambassador sing like my child? I'm joking...but I do wish I had an ambassador to show off!

Mike said...

It looks like you had a bit of fun back in DC!

Heather said...

Hey todd,

this is Heather Hewlett. I just saw your name, thru someone else's page i was looking at, and thought i would say hi! looks like things are going good! Traveling a TON?that is awesome! Good to see that you are good!