Sep 4, 2007

A day in Provo

I went down to provo today. I've never like that place. If you ask me why I'll say, "cause". I don't have a good answer. However, I will admit, the more I go down there the less i mind it. We filmed a bunch of interviews today. It wasn't the toughest shoot day, but for some reason it just felt off. What can you do?

I haven't written for a few days because I moved over the weekend. Up to Woodscross. Its way far away and I sorta don't like it. And the fact that Melissa lives in Lehi doesn't make it any better. I feel like I'm going on a road-trip every time i get in my car. It kinda takes the fun out of driving. Not to mention it's expensive.

The house is new. Quite nice really. Everything is super except for the location. I have committed myself to skiing this season. In doing so I have purchased a new coat, pants (as my old ones walked away), helmet (inspired by Whitney's head to the tree episode) and gloves. All in all, too much money spent! (coming from a tightwad. Now that i've done that I needed to get passes, which I did today. 10 passes. again, too much money! I have yet to buy any skis.

If this part of my life were a Master Card commercial it would probably go something like this:

New ski outfit: $409
10 ski passes: $490
New skis: Not gonna happen
Living 45 minutes from Snowbird: Lame

Despite the sour sound, i am really quite excited and look forward to hitting the slopes.

well, time to capture some BYU footage. GO UTES!!!!

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Beckstrom Bunch said...

Hey...I hear from Mom who quoted Melissa that is smells like a refinery and a lake by your house. Lucky you! I think I may avoid that area if we move back. But it's a new house which I totally covet. As for the skiing...I don't think I'll ever get to be a skier again. I keep thinking I need to be a mountain host so I can get free passes and then I'll have to stick with some neon one-piece suits in Mom and Dad's basement for my attire.