Mar 26, 2011

Arnold - The Final Countdown

Sent this off to Rogue Fitness right before I came to New Zealand.  This was a piece we did for Arnold and his crew.  It's pretty simple, consisting of Arnold counting down the race, being blown away at the intensity of the athletes and everyone smiling and being stoked.  This was filmed at the Arnold Classic in Ohio a few weeks ago.

We shot this on our new Panasonic AF100 with a Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens using a (I forget the name of our adapter) german adapter.  I love the color spacing on the camera.  The blacks are deep and the image is just superb.  It has texture, character and a richness that is just groovy.  We also stuck a GoPro on Rob Orlando's head as he ran the course.  We had to color correct the GoPro to somewhat match the AG AF100.

For now you'll need to select the link below to watch the piece.


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