May 1, 2011

UPDATE 2: AF100 Workflow Has A Clog

So we were really excited about the boxes be bought from Japan.  These are the 4 slot SDHC card readers we found.  Well our initial test showed the little thing working fine and all 4 cards mounted on the laptop.   We should have done more in depth tests because Tim took one to Australia only to find out that it likes to unmount the cards six to 15 minutes after being mounted (inserted into the slots).  Sadly, he was able to achieve a similar effect when used two USB hubs and put two card readers on each USB hub and the fifth one in the built-in SD card slot on the computer.

So if you're an electrical engineer and have some time on your hands feel free to take one of our cube card readers and figure out why it won't work in the USB port.  Is it a bus power issue?  Something to do with the OS?  I don't know.  We'll keep running more tests and let you know what we come up with.

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