Nov 21, 2012

Free WiFi - Free Ride - Free Advice - Free Beer - Freedom

I'm trying something new in this post, everything is color coded so if you're only interested in tech just look for the green text, general business - red, personal life - blue, unnecessary and scattered thoughts - black, fortuitous thoughts - yellow.

A few major things:

  • We had a sensationally successful ESPN Campaign for Rogue Fitness during the 2012 CrossFit Games
  • We worked with some great people at Oakley during the 2012 London Olympics to produce content
  • We moved Sansom Media Headquarters to the now SM Studios in downtown Salt Lake
  • I proposed to a little lady, married her and now we're wrapping our honeymoon.
  • We just returned from Mexico filming the Baja 1000 (more about that in the next post)

I already talked about the ESPN Campaign for Rogue HERE so lets move on to the Oakley shoot in London.

Tim Irwin has been working with Oakley for quite a while and this past Olympics they needed some extra hands and Tim was kind enough to suggest they call us.  Well we spent three lovely weeks with Oakley in the grand UK and produced some really fun content. (pictures above, videos below.)

Oakley brought three of their RED EPIC cinema cameras which we filmed everything with, in 5K.  Why? Why not I suppose.  The EPIC is a sensational camera, it produces an image that is unlike any other.  The data is massive and hard to work with, but the RAW ability is beyond reason, meaning its awesome.

To speed up the workflow we used some nanoflash modules.  They simultaneously record the RED footage to compact flash cards at a designated codec.  I think we used Apple ProRes 422 HQ.  This means no transcoding footage from the RED on edit bays.  Sure you end up with a pre-compressed file but when you're turning two pieces over in a day from EPICs, you do what you need to.  We did have a card, but again, that would tie up on of them edit bays.

The shoot was a blast.  Most of my time was split between my uncomfortable bed, the Oakley Safehouse and the edit bays in a hotel room  with a few excursions out in the field.  One such occasion was filming some skating with Shawn White and Sam Becket.  Shawn, myself and four others cruising around London and eating a pizza lunch in a street cafe.  It was a bit surreal and heaps of fun.  Shawn is a rad dude as is Sam.  Thanks to both of them for a great day.

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