Oct 25, 2012


It should be noted, this post was  written months ago and just never got published so enjoy a little  read on recent history.

As in, this place is pretty cool.  I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil directing the next round of portraits for the I'm A Mormon campaign.  The people here are super cool and the people we're filming are fantastic to work with.  It's very gorilla style down here.  We kept our gear thin so we didn't have to pay heaps of taxes to bring it into the country to film.  But the light gear selection has made it fun and forced us to be creative in how we get certain shots.

I took Cameron Trejo with me as a second camera.  And both Eric and Kenneth from BonCom, which is the creative agency that contracts us to produce these, are here too.  Kenneth speaks perfect Portuguese so that's helpful.  Though it is pretty interesting how similar Portuguese and Spanish are.  I'd say I get 50%-70% of what's being said, depending on the accent and how fast they speak.

While I'm down here Nate and Lynden are at base camp, Sansom Studios, finishing off the last two commercials for Rogue Fiteness' 2012 ESPN Campaign during the 2012 CrossFit Games.  We have worked really hard with Rogue and have some really awesome commercials.  We've got 8, or is it 9, well, we have a bunch of great spots with a wide range of styles and ideas.  I'm really excited!  But it doesn't stop there, there will be exclusive, extended cut, content on roguefitenss.com the day the commercials air on ESPN.  So you'll have to go and see the extended cuts.  There's a 130 second cut that I am so stoked about.  I can't wait for everyone to see it.  I brought Sam Cardon on to score music and he did a fantastic job scoring music for that and many other spots.

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