May 25, 2012


The past 7 weeks have gone by SO fast its actually quite scary.  There's a very good chance I was caught in a time warp or my brain surgery from 1992 has finally showed some side effects.  Either way, its almost June!!

We've been super busy producing more portraits for the I'm A Mormon campaign, a Capital Campaign for SVU and the 2012 ESPN campaign for Rogue Fitness.  The most recent portrait I directed was released.  His name is Adonal and he is one awesome dude.

Behind it all has been our AF100, one of our trusty MacBook Pro, which has quite possibly encoded every piece of footage we've shot in the past year while in the field, and heaps of other quickly outdating computer hardware and equipment.

Let's retrace some steps, starting in Mexico.  It was a dry, cool morning in late march when... no, wrong story intro.

Baring some days in Salt Lake, between shoots, we've mostly been gone... Ohio-Salt Lake. Virginia-Salt Lake, Mexico-Salt Lake, Tennessee-Salt Lake,  California-North Carolina-Virginia-Salt Lake, Arizona-Salt Lake and finally, Ohio-Salt Lake.  Not to mention San Diego-Catalina for a buffalo burger while in California.

Loads of traveling but the great news is we have had some absolutely wonderful shoots.  Mexico was a great success, filming with two portraits.  Virginia has always managed to be raining and overcast the past two trips but the content is solid and the story compelling.  The shoots for the Rogue Fitness 2012 ESPN campaign have just been astounding.  I really want to go into details on the Rogue spots but we've got them in lock-down until they air on ESPN in July at the 2012 CrossFit Games.  I will say this though, R You Rogue.  It will make complete sense when you see them.

The one above just aired last week. Several, several more to come and they'll keep getting cooler.

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