Mar 16, 2012


I'm in Virginia right now filming with Tim and Burke at Southern Virginia University.  It's been a great shoot thus far.  Tim and I ended up on the top of some hills and with a few ticks crawling around on our clothes.  This prompted a quick and very public strip on the side of the highway as Tim filled our minds with horror stories of ticks and lyme disease.  Had we not been in such a hurry to save ourselves I would have taken a picture or two of our stowaways.

Our deadline on this project is this wednesday so we are in quite a scramble mode.  We'll have three days to put final touches on it in the studio next week and then its out the door.

Last week we released the first of many in a new campaign with Rogue Fitness called R You Rogue.  Matt and Cherie Chan, a couple -- quite literally -- of elite CrossFit athletes were the first.  They are some rad people and there are more to come.  Check out the final R You Rogue portrait above.

We're still shooting with the AF100's and we absolutely love them.  Panasonic, if your listening, we have great ideas that would excite us more that anything.  It may raise the price point a bit but they would be well worth the money for us.  Some of them are listed below -- with help from Tim.

  • blowing out white needs help. either more user control on how its handled or fix it in general
  • bring the scene dial back
  • iso on a scroll wheel and not just a three stage button
  • 422 color spacing
  • beefier codec and use the P2 media
  • VR on the sensor -- like Pentax -- and don't rely on the lenses
  • there are more, just ask...
If your're not a techie camera person and made it through that, pat yourself on the back and go buy a pint of your favorite ice cream.

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