Jan 19, 2012


So here's a short photo story of what I've been up to the past month and a half... in no particular order.
Filming with Dick Marriott (an avid skier)

Drove a really fast 2012 Subaru STI & this picture is all I have to remember it by.

Filming with Orson Scott Card.  Crazy love for this super down-to-earth, intelligent guy.

Filming and meetings at Ft. Carson (great book by Les Grau, a great guy)
Skiing in Jackson Hole

Late Night Alumni and Kaskade (amazing DJ, smart businessman, great guy) BUY ALL THEIR MUSIC!
Filming with Burke and Southern Virginia University (end of shoot, pulled extra wide on right camera)

Took a picture of Tayler's eyeball (Nate and Tay, thanks for the rad iPhone 4S camera attachment)

Got a girlfriend (I'm sure we're not the only ones surprised)
Breakfast at Grand America
Christmas with the family
Other things that didn't make it in the photo story; returned from Puerto Rico and Uruguay shoot.  Finished two Toronto mormon.org portraits, submitted the first spanish one, getting really close to moving Sansom Media into a larger office (fingers crossed)... This list is too long.

The year has started really good, we are super blessed and we're excited for what's to come.  We're in Virginia right now shooting on the AF100 kits (Nikon and Pentax glass) with the SmallHD DP6 monitors.  Love them both! I've brought Tim with me for this shoot and we're finish filming with Burke and SVU early next week and then it's back to editing and storyboarding for a new commercial campaign for another client.

As Tim says, "Be good."

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