Dec 3, 2011

Salt Lake City - Puerto Rico - Uruguay - Salt Lake City

Things have been extremely busy at Sansom Media as this year comes to an end. Nate is keeping the editing going, with sidekicks Lynden and Mike (our newest emoyees...welcome!). We've finished up some Rogue Fitness pieces (demos, sizzles and more), prepping a few other projects. I sent off the second cut of the Canadian

Right now I'm in Puerto Rico filming a few more portraits and then to Uruguay to pick up some broll for one of the Canadian portraits.

I've brought Tim with me with on a second AF100 kit. He's one of my favorite shooters of all time. The guy nails it every time. One of the few people I can feel comfortable bring with me or sending anywhere alone to film when I can't get there. Super stoked to have him along on this trip. Eric Morgan, the creative director, has been great to have along. He's helped a lot with the scheduling and his Spanish skills fill the large void mine leave behind, aside from doing a smashing job ensuring the proper direction and feel for the piece. A stellar team all around.

One great thing about this campaign that I absolutely love is how many amazing, talented people I've been able to work with. It's been rad 'cause of all the rad people. I look forward to more with them all.

In the meantime, we're writing new commercials with Rogue Fitness and I think it's safe to say viewers will be in for a treat. Not to mention the project we're just starting with Southern Virginia University. We just love, love, love working with them.

My good friends Dodge Billingsley and Scott Thornton with Combat Films and Research just went to Iraq for the rest of the year to film the withdraw of US troops. Should be a great film. We wish then the best with luck and safety. I wish I were with 'em.

And, thanks to all you kooks that actually read this blog. It's fun to write and rewarding to know it might help or entertain someone.

I'm going to get back to my dinner so until next time...


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Liz said...

"It's been rad because of all the rad people."

-Todd Sansom