Oct 21, 2011

The Hustle & Bustle At Sansom Media

Where has the time gone?!! (two exclamation points still doesn't suffice).  Two weeks ago I was leaving Toronto, Canada heading back to Salt Lake City and my internal clock is so out of whack right now I can't tell if it feels like a day ago or 3 months ago.

The shoot in Toronto went really well.  I was directing three portraits for Bonneville Communication on the I'm A Mormon campaign.  I've just about got a good first cut done of one.  It's turning out really nice.  The other two will be great too.

All the while, Sansom Media has begun to grow quickly.  It's fun, but a little scary too.  My biggest focus on the growth is making sure that we grow responsibly.  This means that we don't take on more work than we can handle (which feels like it's getting close), we spend time working on current projects and preparing for those upcoming.  Using free-lancers when needed and growing into more employees.  Upgrading equipment and office space appropriately (both of which are happening right now).

Nate is editing close to full-time as he finishes up his last semester.  He's really killing it and keeps getting better and better.  We recently brought on an intern, of sorts (not to be derogatory Lynden).  He's be great. He has a lot of passion, creativity and talent.  He's also a pretty good DJ. (And thanks to his mom for reading the blog regularly).

We still need one more solid editor.  Easier said than done.  It's really difficult to find someone that blends with the company's style.  That has the same vision for work and is, as I have dubbed, sleuthy: a creative problem solver.  Encounters unknowns and develops solutions.  Overcomes obstacles.  This is a really lame example but it works...  I want to hire people that, when pressing the gas pedal and nothing happens, discover the car isn't running and take the necessary steps rather than coming to ask for help because the car won't go.

This week has been full bore.  We're cutting a 25 minute show for Barrick with the media from our shoot last month, delivering tomorrow.  We're also editing Day 2 and Day 3 of the Rogue Fitness at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games (here's Day 1), some Dew Tour footage, an I'm A Mormon ad and equipment sizzles for Rogue Fitness.  Coming up in the ensuing weeks we have two more I'm A Mormon ads, a heaps of sizzles, demos, series episodes to edit.  A few shoots in Denver, Ohio, Luisiana.  Some super top secret stuff with Rogue.  All while moving our offices, upgrading server equipment, editing bays and finding some time to sleep.  All good problems to have.  We're blessed and grateful.

PS. While in Toronto I got to grab some lunch with my pal Marty Cej from BNN.  He took Tim and I to a great hole-in-the-wall Indian place.  Tasty!  Thanks Marty.

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