Oct 5, 2011

Apple Founder, Chairman and Former CEO Dies at 56

A shadow has been cast on Apple today as its beloved genius and co-founder, Steve Jobs, has passed away today in Palo Alto, CA.  In 10 years Steve took an ailing tech company to one of the most valuable companies in the world.

I have loved the tech and dream that Steve and Apple had created over the years.  My first computer was a PowerBook G4 Aluminum in 2002 and have since found uses for so many of the technologies created.  I am pretty bummed to hear and wish peace and blessings on he and his family.

I'm in Toronto, Canada filming all week and received the news as I was walking back to the hotel from dinner.  It's sad it happened so quick.  He was a unique individual and an inspiring visionary.  A film worth watching and that really gives an insight into the history of a company that has matured faster than a teenage kid is Welcome To Macintosh - The Documentary Film For The Rest Of Us.  Go buy it here.  Watch it and you'll have a whole new appreciation for what Steve and his people have done.  He really has, "Left a dent in the world" -- Chase Jarvis | Photographer, Creative Director

Thanks for the amazing ride, Steve.  See you on The Other Side.

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