Jun 20, 2011

Final Day of 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games - South Central

So it's just another day here in paradise, only I didn't know paradise got to 101 degrees with 40% humidity. It is quite unbearable. The venue is is on a ranch in Texas. There's a large concrete pad where the competition is set up and the athletes are sizzling. I think one or two turned to scrambled eggs during their event.

But all my griping aside this really is a rad venue. It has a old western film feel to it. There were a lot of good athletes here and a lot of emotion as the wide field competitors was slice from over 100 to just the top three teams, women and men. Those that won will be heading to the Home Depot Center in July to compete in the finals. Should be pretty cool.

As for the filming and editing, I'm surprised I didn't have any cameramen pass out from heat exhaustion and Marty was stellar. He has really started refining the style and we very receptive to my direction and vision.

The editors did a great job and I really like the multiple computer workflow with the Mirrored RAID. That sped up the process so much and made our life's so much easier. Awesomeness is what it was.

That said, we've packed everything up and are making our way to the airport and head to SLC. There for a fe days and then to California on Thursday to shoot some more for the NASCAR doc.

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