Jun 11, 2011

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games - SouthWest Regionals // Day 2

The sun has set here in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.  It is the end of day two and we are cranking away at wrapping the highlight reel.  It's been a really good region to produce.  I added Tyson Maughan to my unit and it has been extremely helpful.  He's a DP but has taken the reigns of processing all the footage from my cameramen, logging it and pulling selects to give to Kyle Kebert.  They're really cranking through stuff and I couldn't be happier.  Kyle is a great editor.  He edits for ESPN and he's just a stallion.  I'd take him on my unit any day of the week.

Yesterday's video was, I think, one of our best pieces so far.  Check it out HERE.  Today's will be even better.  Great footage, lots of drama, rain and tears.  I'll get you a link when they post it.

For the geeks reading, we've managed to land a fiber/Gigabit/blow your socks off Ethernet connection.  We effectively download 70MB and upload at 30MB.  It took us 8 minutes to upload a 2.5GB video file to the FTP site.  Not bad and certainly much better than the .5MB speeds we had at the Maple Leafs Hockey rink last week in Toronto.  Here's DAY 3 wrap up video.  I may have been editing the last two (men's 5 and 6) at 6am after my editor fell asleep and I felt a little kooky at the end.

I should probably get back to producing or something more helpful to my editors, whom I love.

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