Jun 29, 2011

Europe Is Always So Cool

I had a great time watching this piece.  Very well done and a fantastic story.  Wether you're in Utah, Ohio, New York or California we can all relate, "I have to pay you how much and I only get 7mbps speeds?"

Sansom Media pays $52/month for 20mbps down and 3mbps(ish) up, that's just for internet.  With all the work we're doing sending and receiving rough cuts, footage and other large files, 1gbps would be smashing.

In the US you have to play the "we're breaking up" game.  I told Comcast Sansom Media was leaving them since we was paying too much, service was spotty and we were generally disenchanted with them.  On our last bill there are a total of $67 in service discounts.  We're still paying double what UK-ers are paying but its a start.

The funny part of that story, the agent working with me said, "be sure to call back in one year when your discounts expire and threaten to leave us again."  I thought only venture capitol groups and the mob used threaten in their business models.

The Peanut Gallery
7:30, check out the piece of art on the wall.
10;12, €17,000 for 3 houses to get fiber.  that's roughly $24,533.54... wow, they really wanted that fiber.
12:40, microchip, amps techy, blah blah blah.  I like this Tim guy.  He's a jolly fellow.

You ask them how much they pay for broadband.

"Oh, forty Euros." That's about $56.

"A week?" you ask.

"No," they might say. "Per month. And that includes phone and TV."

It's really that bad. The nation that invented the internet ranks 16th in the world when it comes to the speed and cost of our broadband connections. That's according to a 
study released last year by Harvard'sBerkman Center for Internet & Society on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission

Where's Al Gore now?  The full Engadget article is here.

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