May 10, 2011

NASCAR Doc At Miller Motorsports Park

I filmed with Tim and Ethan last Saturday at the Miller Motorsports Park for a NASCAR Documentary.  To be honest I don't know too much about it.  It was a last minute call and they needed three cinematographer with three AF100s so we went and shot.  It was cold and windy.  Certainly didn't feel like spring.

I favored a Nikon 70-300 f/ 3.5-5.6 lens and an old Nikon 28-200 f/3.5-5.6 lens.  Pulled out a Lumix 7-14 f/4 for some wide time-lapse shots of the clouds and mountains and track.  All around good day and 12 hours later we were done and getting dinner at the Blue Lemon.  Great food by the way.

I should mention the SmallHD monitor attached.  Its a newer addition to the kit and is absolutely fabulous.  Marshall monitors are neat and all, but this little DP6 is just stellar.  Great quality and the accessories they make for it are superb.  Sure they can be a little pricey but they're perfect for the monitor.  Why would you buy the cheap peanut butter for you sandwich when you could put Adams on it?!

This isn't the first time I've filmed at the motorsports park.  Back in May of 2009 I was there filming SBK World Superbike which was a lot of fun

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