Apr 2, 2011

Tech On Boeing's New B777-300ER

In my journey home from New Zealand our longest leg was on the newest, nicest plane I've ever flown on, a Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range). The newest plane in the Air New Zealand fleet at just about three weeks old.  So let's talk some tech. 

You're greeted by a large touchscreen 11"ish display on the seat in front of you. Get a little more comfy and you notice a tray, right below the screen for your toys. To the left is a USB outlet and to the right, a 9pin circular.

Charge your mp3 player or with a special cable, control your iPad, iPhone or iPod and listen to your music, movies or watch your TV shows on your large personal screen.

The interface used to navigate your personal screen is very simple and from a techy person's point of view, very easy to navigate and very responsive.  Loaded on your personal media center are movies, tv shows, CDs, radio, audio books. Traveling with someone? Share your media with them. Way cool feature. 

All the touchscreen features are also accessed with a wired remote that has a full QWERT keyboard on the back. 

Finally and maybe one of my favorites, a 60Hz 110-118v outlet -- it's the green light in the lower let of the portrait picture. I find myself writing emails, blog posts, reviewing footage and at times editing on the MacBook Pro. When you're powering a bus powered hard drive your battery suffered significantly as does your ability to work. No adapter, no converters, just plug in and power up.

Overall my I'm impressed and I'd give this tech toting seat a 4 1/2 stars.  Air New Zealand does a great job of making your flying experience feel like the one you see on Catch Me If You Can -- focusing more on the classy feel than the babes.

Now only if Delta Airlines could figure it out. 

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