Mar 29, 2011

My Name's Reine... And I'm A Mormon

Someone emailed me last week and told me they saw Reine up on the website.  She's the first of nine French portraits I edited for Matt Whitaker.  Her portrait was a lot of fun to work on and a lot of that stemmed from her and her husband's personalities.  Just awesome people that loved life and gave it their best.

Matt filmed this and the other eight with Ethan Vincent and Tim Irwin -- for a few too -- and I've had the pleasure to edit them.  Two more to go and we're done with the nine French portraits.

Here's the link to her portrait. REINE


Beckstrom Bunch said...

I saw this the other day. Great work! I can't wait to see the rest of the frenchies :) and there is another French woman up already--she has lots of kids.

sue said...

Great Job Todd!!

Todd Sansom said...

Yes, the other French portrait is Nadja. We did that one too. There are 7 more French/Swiss portraits to be released.

and thanks mom. ;-)