Mar 24, 2011


While I'm in New Zealand the work goes on.  Nate got EVO6 and EVO7 sent off while I've been here and EVO6 is live.  This was a gnarly evolution as it took place from 12am to 8am -- if my memory serves me right -- and needless to say all the footage is more or less the green goop footy.  The participates were very exhausted and the teaser doesn't begin to describe the exhaustion they were experiencing.  All things considered, they did perform well and made it through to the next day.  Only 30 some-odd hours to go.  And I'm not sure if I mentioned this, I'm sure I have, but Heber and I filmed for 55 hours straight -- a new personal record for me.  EVO7 should be out soon.

One more thing... I should say thanks to Manahi for the images of me being choked by the kid and in the pool.  Thanks dude.

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