Mar 6, 2011

Arnold Classic - Day 3

End of the competition today.  Had a great time filming with all the athletes.  A lot of very fit people, guys and girls.  Arnold Schwarzenegger counted down the last even which was a bruiser.  His face half way through the even says it all.  Just going through some footy and stills now.  These are a few I like.

Met a lot of cool people.  Super nice and genuine.  We did make it to a party last night for Arnold and it was like Halloween with every costume from every movie he's ever been in with a bunch of others.  I was entertained.  AND there were performances by a strange silver man and Mystic Cube -- he was intense -- performed.  Travis Bagent was with us and he loved the silver dude... Okay maybe that's not true, but Travis, you were entertained by my awesome dance moves.  And remember how Austin Powers was hitting on your wife...  He's the guy you should be after. ;-)

The Russian federation gave Arnold a bronzed head of former President Putin... sorta awkward and Arnold said "thanks, next time it would be great to get one of the current president."  haha. Low blow.

Thanks to Rogue Fitness for the great shoot.  They're all rad.

Next stop... New Zealand with Matt Whitaker.


issl said...

me like what I see. Nice. that large Austrian brother.

so said...

you fit right in with the crowd, i mean you a strong strong man!