Feb 7, 2011

New York 2.0

After two weeks I'm back in New York and it's been fun. I'm filming with one of my favorite guys, Ethan Vincent and we're also with our producer, Craig Steiner. It's been a lot if work. The picture above is what our interview looked like after an hour and a half if setting up. Two minutes later we tore it all down and moved to a new location a few blocks away, thanks to a loud radiator.
At this point every day feels more like a week. It's a challenge. Haha. We'll be filming in a maximum security prison for the next few days so stay tunes for better pictures and more stories.
I should also mention, spider-man is very difficult to get picture of while in New York, but I managed. Thanks for the help Ethan.

Todd Sansom
Documentary Filmmaker | Cinematographer | Editor
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