Dec 24, 2010

Lots Of Moving Parts

It has been a busy last couple of weeks.  We added another studio to handle the workload and brought on an assistant editor.  We picked up a new iMac with some bells and whistles and it seems to be working wonderfully.  Now only if Apple would make Final Cut Studio 64-bit - 'cause right now its 32-bites the big one.

The iMac has a SATA port added by OWC which gives much faster speeds for the data to get tossed around.  This addition also due to the fact that Apple won't put USB 3.0 (this link is techy and boring, yet informative) in their machines.  OWC added it for about $180.  Not bad.

So, we're charging away with the edits with Matt.  My french is getting quite good-mostly because it was non-existent previously.

The other main project we're working on is the SEALFIT series.  We just finished the first one, SEALFIT Evo1 which will be going up this weekend with more to come.  I'm really excited about this series.  It a new take on an old idea, that being reality tv.  Only this is just reality and its all web based and carries more awesomeness (Matt will appreciate the addition of 'ness' at the end of awesome).

Once SEALFIT Evo1 goes live on's Journal I'll get a teaser of the whole episode up for your viewing. Still some ideas and whatnots to work through but it's pretty cool and really fun.  I dare anyone to add "attend the SEALFIT kokoro camp and not quit" to their 2011 goals.

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