Dec 1, 2010

Like a Juggling Clown...

Can you name this city? And no cheating by mousing over the picture to see what its labled!!!  I snapped this on my way to California a few weeks ago.

Been slammed with editing the last few weeks.  A bunch more "I'm a Mormon" ads and SEALFIT videos for Rogue Fitness and Crossfit.  This week and last was spent with Matt here at the studio working on the ads. They're coming along.  He's been great to work with.  Great direction and good sense of humor.  He's been putting up my movie quoting and myriad of voices quite well.  We may be picking up another editing station to help handle the load.  I wish I could pick up a decent editor with the new system.  That is proving to be a difficult part of the equation.  More to come.

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