Nov 11, 2010

Curse that Philip Bloom

Well Philip Bloom is at it again. He recently went to Kyoto, Japan and played with the very camera I dream of and slightly lust over, the Panasonic AF100. It has yet to be released and has a tentative ship date of January 2011. Thant said, Philip go to go to Japan and shoot with it and boy does that footage look good. Granted from what I can tell he used some pretty nice glass on some of the shots. That said, the image is fantastic, the color, definition, noiseless darks... It really is an awesome thing.

While he's there playing with my fantecies I'm here at my studio starting a new round of the "I'm A Mormon" ads. Matt Whitaker has been directing them with Ethan Vincent and Tim Irwin doing most of the DP work. They just sent me 3TB of footage from their French/Euro tour so I'll be busy editing for a while. More to come.

This is Philip's Shooting with the Panasonic AF100/101

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ti said...

Yep, I already put money on a pre order. looking forward to never using an SLR for video again.
best of luck with the edits, we had a good time shooting them.