Oct 26, 2010

Return From SEALFIT - 55 straight

I got back last night from filming in Encinitas, CA all weekend.  Heber and I were shooting for different clients but they are sharing all the footage, which I think is a great idea.  Now Heber and I can kick out some awesome work.  We ended up filming for 55 hours straight as they ran the participants through a pre Navy SEAL training. We ended up filming with 8 cameras.  HVX100, Canon 7D, 3 GoPro HDs, Sony Infrared, HTC Evo, iPhone 4.  We racked up 53 hours of footage and a lot of great moments.

We're just getting to processing, transcoding and logging the footage so more to come on that.

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Drew said...

Very cool! I want to come check it out. It's been too long.