Feb 28, 2008

Moving along...

This last week has been pretty busy. Dodge and I were in Provo shooting some interviews on Monday and really cranking to get a rough cut of a piece Combat Films is producing. We wanted to get it all done before Tuesday morning, that's when Dodge left for Ecuador for a 17 day shoot. All the while I have had Heber helping me cut a few pieces for Barrick. I wrapped up the rough cuts for Barrick and delivered screener disks today.

Now I'm am working on a wedding I shot for a cousin back in August. I told them they may not get it for a while with the coming months and they didn't really care.

On Saturday I have a shoot with Shamu the Killer Whale's trainer here in Salt Lake. Sadly, however, Shamu will not be making an appearance. I'll leave you with a picture I took in San Diego a few months back. Though not Shamu, its still pretty cool.

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