Feb 13, 2008

Day with Barrick

Today was a long day. It started at 7 am at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City. Barrick is hosting a mine safety roundtable, today and tomorrow. We are doing a two camera shoot for them and it was a very active shoot. I had Cole shoot with me. Two HVX200's, and a lot of P2 cards.

I was doing two simultaneous drives (500 GB each) and by the end of the day the two of us had shot 221 GB of footage at 720pn. I'm charging the batteries right now for round two tomorrow. It has been a very cool shoot. It is amazing to see how much emphasis these mining companies put on safety. Very impressive and not something you hear about.

The G5 tanked last night. I think the fact that it is 3 years old, has all sorts of new software and apps on it, not to mention a new video card really doesn't help with the stability of the machine. That said, I may be looking a getting a new tower. Spend money to make money, right? I just need to slow down the spending part of that equation.

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Mr Sansom said...

i should mention that it was 221 GB per 500 GB drive as one was a redundant backup. as a point of clarification because i tend to be a little detail oriented like that.