Dec 18, 2007

Washington D.C. for the week

Dodge and I are in D.C. for the week. This will be a really cool little trip as we will be interviewing a few neat individuals as well as having a few meeting with Nat Geo and a few other firms. But tonight...relaxing. I'm going to dinner with Jeff Bengtzen and his wife tonight and then to I am Legend with Dodge. The flight over was nice. I got to the airport in Salt Lake 2 hours before my flight because that was the only time Brandon could take me. Which, by the way, was very nice of him.

So I had some time to work on Doug and Cassie's wedding. I put in about 2 hours at the airport and 2 more on the plane. I feel I should have more done with the time i've put into it, but its just one of those weddings. I'm happy with the way its turning out (a small sample is coming soon).

And for those interested in my personal life, I went out on a blind date last night with Mary Anne. Surprisingly fun, cute and the long and short of it; I'll take another. That's about all you're gonna get from me. I'm following Buddy's lead and not saying much of anything.

That's about it for now.



Beckstrom Bunch said...

Have a good time in D.C. I like the clip of Doug's wedding and can't wait to see more!

sue said...

We think you are the very best at what you do! Loved Doug's video clip.