Nov 22, 2007

San Diego for the Weekend

On Saturday I woke up and Brandon says, "Hey, lets go to California for the weekend." I said, okay. So we called Lindy and the three of us got on a plane that afternoon and flew to San Diego. We mooched off of Brandon's mom. She had a timeshare down there.

The night we got there we went to Fred's in the Gas Lamp district and then found a country bar and went country dancing the rest of the night. Everyone there was rather facinated with us. One guy especially liked Lindy and wanted her to come back to and dance with him in competitions. ....whatever. Day two, sleep in, church, and a fantastic dinner at my Sam and Kori's place . Day three, walk on the beach, Wild Animal Kingdom, and Tiajuana. Day four, we stayed an extra day because we were having so much fun. We went to Sea World and watched every show. Lindy had it planned out to a T.

Brandon ended up getting sick on day four and threw up a few times. He didn't want to fly home sick so he stayed out there until he felt better.

It was a great, much needed vacation.


Beckstrom Bunch said...

I'm glad you guys had a great trip. Sorry we didn't make it to dinner at the Balls. I really am a loser sister for not making the trip down. But I'm excited we get to see you in a few weeks!!

Christian said...
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