Nov 5, 2007

My Move to Leopard: Mac's Newest OS

I, among the other millions of Mac users decided to take the plunge and upgrade my OS (Operating System) to the new Leopard. The installation on my G5, a tower, went off without a hitch. My PowerBook G4 on the other hand, experienced some side effects. After multiple trys and a little patience everything went fine. It was really just a lack of understanding on my part. "Had i known" was the phrase of the day. And now I do know. So if you have any questions about issues you're experiencing or concerns of what you might experience. Ask. But regardless, make a back up of your computer before doing anything.

Moving on to something more, out there. This is a newer band I came across. Very different yet I can't seem to stop listening to them. Here's a link to their music, Sigur Rios

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Beckstrom Bunch said...

I see you passed the 1000 mark on site hits. Way to go! Congrats on the new mac component. Don't know what it is but so happy it makes you happy : )