Nov 7, 2007

Best First-Date Ever!

So I went out on the best first-date ever last friday. What made it the best? The girl, the activity and the overall enjoyment I suppose.

I picked her up at 6 and we went to Impact Guns. The have an indoor shooting range. Brandon brought some handguns and a bunch of ammo and we went to town. We were shooting a 40, 22, 38 special and one other large 6 shooter.

My date, Kylie, was a really good shot and a very good sport. Let me brag about her for a second. She is very pretty, has a great personality and pretty eyes to go with it. It was very easy to talk to her and there was never any pressure the whole night whatsoever.

Since the date we have managed to do something each day, even if it was to meet up and grab some ice cream. She's cool!

Here's a video of our shooting shenanigans. Enjoy.


Beckstrom Bunch said...

Sounds like a fun date. Kylie looks nice if that can be said when she's shooting a gun. I bet that's a great stress-buster. We've had an out of control week, maybe Ryan and I will head down to the shooting range : )

the hogan's said...

That's an awesome first date! And she's way cute! I wanna go there, where is it and how much?

The Taylors said...

she's as hot as a pistol. go Trash!