Sep 10, 2007

Day one at NU's Fire Academy...Bring on the heat!

This blog will mostly be some really cool still taken today. The images seem to do all the talking. But I must say, an amazing day of shooting. One I will never forget; wearing the "turnouts" know as a "fireman suite" to a most everyone else, There are some ridiculously great clips that we shot with the HVX. Most in 24pn but we peppered the day with some over cranked shots at 60. they look just amazing. The colors with this camera are so tasty looking. We had two wireless mics, each on their own channel and then the HVXs L and R on two other channels.

the turnouts were very hot and somewhat difficult to shoot in. Tim is in the first picture doing just that.

We pick it back up tomorrow as we are waking up a 5am to be there by 6. In the meantime, here are some great fotos from the day. Enjoy. More to come tonight.


Mr Sansom said...

i just went back and read this entry and found all sorts of spelling errors and horrible english. i guess that's what happens when you try and blog late at night after a long day of shooting fires.

Camille said...

it is so much fun to see what you are doing. it sounds like you are busy, but loving it. I am so glad you love what you do :) p.s. are you enjoying your parents basement while they are gone? what about the food, there is nothing like free food!! :) (I saw your post on megans blog)