Apr 6, 2011

GoPro Goes 3D // Looks Like Wall-E's Lost Cousin, GP-3D

Did you hear the news?  Wall-E has a long lost cousin, who for obvious reasons -- he was lost, didn't make it into the film.  His name, GP-3D.  Also goes by the name of GoPro 3D.  Yup, GoPro has launched it's new 3D camera system.  They claim it to be "the world's smallest 1080i 3D camera".  So unless you work for some secret government agency that is working with another secret alien agency building 3D cameras, their claim sticks.

The new tagline for this little videobot: Professional 3D Made Easy.  They say Combine & Capture // Create & Edit // Share & Watch, little too wordy for me.  GoPro has obtained CineForm Studio and offer it as a free download so you can start your 3D rampage.  Works with old school Red/Blue glasses for Anaglyph displays, electronic glasses for active displays and polarized glasses for passive displays.

Now you can capture and share your best falls, faceplants, wipeouts, and general action sport beatings with everyone...in 3D!  Or if you're into needlepoint...  As long as there's blood and carnage.

UPDATE: Paul posted a link of someone that was either inspired by my post or thinks like I do.  Either way, super funny!  Thanks Paul.  http://twitpic.com/4i1ph7

Highlight Reel after the break.


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haha. is that your doing? that's great. photoshop's real purpose in life comes out in stuff like this. thanks for the comment.