Apr 20, 2011

Back On The Trail - Fueled By Aussie Licorice

Well I just got back from California yesterday.  It was the first time I've traveled to get away from work in a while.  Usually I'm traveling to go work but not so this time.  I rode bikes on the boardwalk, surfed, ate good food, spent some time with a bunch of great friends and even put on my dancing shoes one night.

A little more on surfing -- I have no proof this happened other than the people I was surfing with.  We were paddling around 44 street in Newport.  Small waves, a few head high, but really smooth.  Ryan and I spotted a few dolphins swimming down the beach about 100m off the shore.  Five minutes later we were competing with a pod of 15ish dolphins for the waves.   They, being the stronger swimmers, began snaking our waves, surfing and swimming within arms reach of us.  One swam under me and as I was paddling I touched it -- first wild dolphin touch so I'm pretty stoked -- and right after that another came out of the water and looked at me, eye-to-eye, and I'm pretty sure it was a New Zealand dolphin because the look it gave me was, "ay bro, you're weak as but keep trying".  I think they have telepathy.  Well they eventually left us a few waves for ourself.

Now that I'm back in SLC I'm editing my heart out.  We've got one more mormon.org portrait from France to finish and then we'll get cranking on the New Zealand portraits we shot.  While that's going on I've got Nate rough cutting a bunch of other stuff for a few clients.  It been super cool having him around and things just keep getting better.  They just released the Babin family, another French mormon.org portrait we finished last month.  I really like this one.  I think there were some mixed feelings on how this one would turn out and the first cut was good but they weren't feeling it.  So we went in and added a little chaos to it and it really flavored it up and I think better portrays them how they really are.

Right before I left Huntington I swung by Trader Joe's and picked up a bunch of Aussie licorice and I'm very happy.

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