Oct 13, 2010

The NEW Panasonic AG-AF100

UPDATE:  I should also mention that Panasonic has confirmed the ship date for December 27th at only $4,995.  The press release is long so go to Engadget.com and you can read it there.

I can't tell you how excited I am to try this new camera from Panasonic.  The AG-AF100 series is the newest professional digital film camera, this one in my mind replacing the HVX200/A.  The whole concept behind this camera makes it a first.  Originally DSLR cameras adopted abilities of video cameras giving you a 35mm look and depth of field.  The downside being that there was a rolling shutter and the device would overheat because of the quality and quantity of the image.

This camera was engineered the other way.  The team that built the HVX200 went to the team that was building the Panasonic DSLRs and took sensors and other components and added them to their film camera.  This means the camera uses the micro4/3 sensor.  Almost twice the size of the CCD 2/3 sensor in the HVX200.

Another first, not confirmed, is that you can over-crank this camera from 12f/s to 60f/s in 1080p mode.  Outside of an Alexa or RED that hasn't really been possible with any camera.

I'm not super familiar with the AVCCAM codec.  I have really liked working with the DVCPRO HD codec.  We'll see how that pans out.  The folks over at CREW.TV threw a nice sample reel up. Its the first video.  Thanks crew.tv.

Barry is REALLY excited about it too.

AG-AF100 Specs and Press Releases

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